Machine is a short, olive and handsome Taurus who likes long walks on the beach.


He is an accomplished comedian, having worked the stand-up circuit for 3 months in 2004.


When Machine is not playing the drums, he thinks about the next time he’ll be playing the drums.


Machine’s name was given to him when it was discovered that he could rehearse forever–like a Machine.


Machine was born in Jerusalem to 2 parents.


He was raised in Canada on a steady diet of the following drummers:


Buddy Rich

Lars Ulrich

Neil Peart

Chad Smith

Mike Bordin

Tim Alexander

John Stanier

Dave Abbruzzese

Matt Cameron

Sean Kinney

Jimmy Chamberlain

Will Calhoun

Ringo Starr

Nick Mason

John Bonham

Tré Cool

Vinnie Paul

Stewart Copeland

Brad Wilk

Patrick Wilson


Machine’s musical TIMELINE:

1990 – started playing the drums

1993 – founding member of Euthanasia

1994-1998 played in various Toronto bands as a teenager

1998-2002 DJ Shmeejay (underground house music)

2002-2008 Toronto:

Ryan Luchuck Band – piano power pop

The Everyday Faces – grunge/alternative rock

Closethuman – electro synth pop

Canteen Knockout – alt country

Action Makes – stoner rock

Inner City Fanatics – ska

Broomfiller – punk rock

Holy Mic – classic rock

Leaders and Dreamers – alt synth pop-rock

The Denumonts – alt rock

2008-present Gold Coast:

Aloud Out – rock covers

Artillionaire – hip hop

Supertrooper – heavy hard rock
Border Rangers – alt country punk blues/rock

The Worm Turns – Faith No More tribute

The Blacknoise Army – alternative rock